Natural Gas

Pipeline Information
Centennial Utilities operates underground natural gas pipelines in your area for distribution purposes only.

Centennial Utilities is providing this information as part of our pipeline damage preventative program to our customers and our neighbors who live and work in the vicinity of our facilities. Please share this information with others.

What is Natural Gas?
Natural gas is the cleanest burning fossil fuel. It moves silently, safely and efficiently through an extensive network of interstate pipelines in the United States, and our utility company is part of that network.

Below are some reassuring facts about natural gas:

· Natural gas is not a poison or toxic.
· Natural gas is colorless and odorless in its natural state.
· Natural gas will not ignite on its own. To burn, gas requires both a precise amount of oxygen and an      
  ignition source.
· Natural gas is lighter than air and will rise and diffuse rapidly.

Are Pipelines Safe?
Natural gas pipelines are the safest method of transporting energy. They lie underground, virtually unseen as they deliver large volumes of gas to their customers. Although our company follows pipeline safety procedures, it is still important for everyone living and working near gas pipelines to know basic safety information. Also, pipelines are part of the critical infrastructure of the United States energy grid. Please call local law enforcement if you see anything out of the ordinary in your area.

What are Pipeline Right-of-Way?
A pipeline right-of-way is the strip of land over a pipeline. A right-of-way agreement between our company and a property owner is called an easement. Easements provide our pipeline company with permanent, limited access to the land to enable us to operate, test, inspect, maintain and protect our pipeline.

Can I Build on a Right-of-Way?
Pipeline right-of-ways must be kept free from structures and other obstructions. If a pipeline crosses your property, please do not plant trees or high shrubs on or near the right-of-way without first having our personnel mark the pipeline, stake the easement and explain construction guidelines to you. It is a crime for any person to deliberately damage, destroy or remove any pipeline sign or right-of-way marker.