Understanding Your Bill

Equal Pay Plan
Gives customers the ability to pay the same amount each month for utilities. Monthly amounts may be adjusted twice yearly to reflect usage and price changes.

Basic Service Charge
Covers costs for issuing bills, postage, maintaining facilities and gas meters, etc.

Delivery Charge
This is the cost of transporting natural gas through and maintaining Centennial Utilities Gas System not covered by the basic charge.

Purchase Gas Cost
The amount reflects the actual amount paid to wholesalers to purchase and transport gas to our system during the billing period.

BTU Adjusted Reading
Adjusts gas consumption to reflect heat content of gas. This varies monthly, the higher the heat content the less gas is needed. Rates are based on 1,000 BTU's per cubic foot of gas.

Other Charges
Other charges are for reconnect charges and other non-gas items.

Late Charge
5% of your current balance will be charged to your account for late payments.

Factors Affecting Your Usage
Any one, or combination, of these factors can change the amount of natural gas you use:

  • Differences in the number of days billed.
  • Colder or warmer weather.
  • Changes in living habits, number of people, appliances or weatherization.
  • Vacations or number of weekends during the billing period.