Minnesota Cold Weather Rule

Like snow, home heating bills can pile up during the winter months. The Minnesota Cold Weather Rule is designed to protect people who may have trouble paying their utility bills in winter. The rule applies from October 1 to April 30.

Established by the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission, the rule means that your utility company cannot disconnect your residential gas service during the winter if you meet the following requirements:

1) Utility disconnection would affect your primary heat source;

2) You have declared inability to pay, on forms provided by the utility;

3) Your household income is less than 50 percent of the state median income level, as documented to the utility; and

4) Your account is current for the billing period or you have entered into a payment schedule and are reasonably current with payments under the schedule.

If you have trouble paying your utility bill, local agencies may be able to provide payment assistance. The State Department of Human Services recommends that you call the county in which you live. Local fuel assistance information is available by calling 763-783-4747.

If you know you will have trouble paying your utility bills, please contact Centennial Utilities at 763-784-6751 to work out a payment schedule.

State law requires that all residential customers be informed of the Minnesota Cold Weather Rule, regardless of payment history. Minnesota Cold Weather Rule Applies Oct. 1 - April 30.